5 Reasons Why Women With Light Leaks Can't Live Without This Underwear

Here are the big 5 reasons why ladies who leak are throwing out their pads & switching to these leakproof underwear. 

They're giving women a cost-savings alternative to itchy pads – No more bulks, bumps, or thick padding showing through your pants!

1. Absorbs surprise leaks from sneezing, coughing, and exerting energy.

Ever have surprise leaks from bending over or exerting yourself? Well, then these underwear were made for you!

Seamless, discrete underwear that absorb leaks better than pads – And they feel just like normal panties!

2. Solves "The Big 3" problems of a leaky bladder

  • Smells – High-Waist panties neutralizes odors before causing a scene

  • Wetness – This underwear prevents dried pee from leaving your skin red and itchy. DesignComfort undies wicks the wetness off your thighs & private parts. 

  • Surprise Leaks – With 4-layers of seamless padding, leaks will never reach your pants again. High-Waist prevents stains & keeps you protected 24/7.

3. Saves a boatload of cash (every single month)

High Waist Classic panties are reusable & machine washable – They last as long as normal underwear does!

That means, no more single-use pads or inserts cutting into your weekly paycheck. Clasping is a "one-and-done" deal that saves you over $300+ a year.

4. Replaces (or combines)  your favorite leak-proof solutions

While our High-Waist underwear works standalone for 90% of women, some ladies like to combine them with reusable pads – It's up to you! 

We guarantee you'll feel more confident & more secure with High-Waist panties on your side.

5. Backed by 70,000+ women who experience heavy leaks (just like you)

We've heard it all – "Do leakproof panties really work... I've tried similar panties before, no luck..."

Well, our High-Waist undies are backed by over 70,000+ women who leak multiple times a day. The proof is in the pudding...

High-Waist Classic is the #1 leakproof underwear for hassle-free changing. PERIOD!

No More...


Rushing to Restrooms

Single-Use Waste

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  • Absorbs 200% more liquid than leading brands

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