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Tired of the Constant Cost and Hassle of Incontinence Pads?

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Unbelievable Savings with Our Leak-Proof Panties! 

Tired of spending up to $20-$150 every month on disposable pads? Switch to our Leak-Proof Panties and save more than $1,700 annually. Here’s how:

Price for Five Panties: Just $49.99

Cost Breakdown:

Light Users: Typically spend $18/month on pads = $216/year. Switch and save $166 annually with one set of our panties.

Moderate Users: Typically spend $67.50/month on pads = $810/year. Switch and save $760 annually, as one set pays for itself in just about 24 days.

Heavy Users: Typically spend $150/month on pads = $1,800/year. Switch and save $1,750 annually, with break-even in just 10 days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Try them risk-free. Not satisfied? Get a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

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(Usually $25 Per Pair.)

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High Waist Classic (5 pcs)

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5 pack of High-Waist LeakProof Panties (Only $10 per pair) - DesignComfort

5 pack of High-Waist LeakProof Panties (Only $10 per pair)

$ 125.00 $ 49.99

Each Order Comes With 5 Pairs

$ 125.00 $ 49.99
  • Less than $10 per pair

  • 5 Pairs for $49.99

  • 3-Layers of Seamless Padding

  • 360º Leak, Odor & Stain Protection

  • 100% Guarantee 

Why Our Leak-Proof Panties Are the Smart Choice

Pads can be not just expensive but bulky, itchy, uncomfortable, and a constant reminder of your limitations. 

Our Leak-Proof Panties are not just about comfort and protection—they're also a cost-effective solution to incontinence management. 

With our panties, you can save significantly on the expenses tied to disposable pads.

Cost-Effective: Save hundreds of dollars annually with our reusable panties. With proper care, they can last a long time, drastically reducing the need to buy disposable pads every month.

Superior Protection: Featuring a triple-layer design, our panties provide superior absorbency, leak protection, and odor control, which surpasses traditional pads. Holding as much as 3 pads worth!

Ultimate Comfort: Designed for everyday wear, they fit perfectly under any outfit, offering a smooth and sleek silhouette with no bulkiness.

Why Our Leakproof Panties are a Superior Choice

Forget everything you've begrudgingly accepted about managing incontinence with pads. 

Our Leak-Proof Panties offer a sleek, more comfortable, and discreet alternative that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Seamless Comfort: Designed to fit like your favorite underwear, our panties offer full coverage without the bulk of pads.  Enjoy a sleek silhouette under any outfit

Reliable Protection: With innovative tripple-layer technology, experience superior absorbency and leak protection that pads cant match.  Stay dry, oder free, and confident all day long.

Forget-Me-Not Freedom: Unlike pads, there’s nothing to remember to stick on or change during the day. Put on our Leak-Proof Panties in the morning, and you're set till night—no checks, no slips, no worries.

Success Stories from Real Users

"Leak-Proof Panties changed my life. No more embarrassing checks or awkward adjustments. I wear dresses now without a second thought." — Carolyn, Texas

"I forgot what life was like before these panties. No bulk, no discomfort, just freedom. Even on long travel days, I feel secure." — Susan, Florida

"Switching from pads to these Leak-Proof Panties was a game changer. They are more comfortable, completely reliable, and they save me a lot of money each month." — Felicia, Georgia

"I forgot what worry-free felt like until I started using these panties. No leaks, no unpleasant surprises, and they pay for themselves with the savings from not buying pads." — Miranda, California

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If you're not completely satisfied, we promise a 100% money-back guarantee.