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 Why I'll NEVER Spend Another Dollar on Incontinence Products

Hello, lovely ladies! 

Are you as tired as I was of the constant monthly bill of $25-$100 that come with traditional incontinence products?

Well, have I found a gem for us! Design Comfort has created a line of chic, leakproof panties that are just perfect for those of us looking for a blend of style, comfort, and reliability. Let me share why these fabulous panties have become a must-have in my wardrobe.

Save Your Pennies

Imagine all the money you'll save not buying disposables every month. Diapers and Pads on the low end are $25 per month so for a while year thats $300. 

A 3 Pack of Panties is only 10% of that. Design Comfort Panties are an investment in your budget and your peace of mind. With the cost of disposables adding up, switching to our long-lasting, reusable panties can save you a small fortune over the years.

Discrete and Non-Bulky

No More Bulk or worrying about if someone can notice! 

These aren’t just any panties; they're stylish and sleek, designed to be completely discreet. They look and feel just like regular underwear but with a secret superpower against leaks. Stay fashionable and confident with our range of styles and colors

Skin-Friendly and Comfy

Designed to fit and feel like regular underwear, you'll forget you even have them on. Design Comfort underwear are breathable, smooth and stretch with you. The days of itchy skin and rashes from rough materials are gone.

Front to Back Protection

You'll stay protected all day and night. One of the best things about Design Comfort underwear is that they are with you 24/7. 

Running out of pads or diapers or forgetting to put them on is a thing of the past. Design Comfort are reusable and machine washable. You'll never run out and always be protected. PLUS they have front to back protection, locking in all leaks!

Fresh as a Daisy

Our panties come equipped with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties, ensuring you stay fresh and clean. This extra layer of protection keeps odors and bacteria at bay, so you feel confident and hygienic.

Save The Environment

I care deeply about our planet, and by choosing Design Comfort, you're reducing the mountain of waste that disposables create. It’s a simple change with a big impact—less waste in landfills and a happier Earth.

Reusable, Machine Washable & Absorbant

Not only are they reusable, they are super easy to care for. Just toss them in the wash on a gentle or hand wash setting and thats it. 

Use them day after day month and month and never buy a disable product again and keep all that extra money and spending on having fun and enjoying life again. AND THEY WORK. 

Holding up to 2-3 pads worth of fluid, you'll stay dry, protected, and gain confidence and peace again with Design Comfort.

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