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April Offer: $10 Off Per Pair, 30 Day Risk Free Trail

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Finally, STOP All Leaks From Pee, Periods & Sweat

  • Stop Embarrassing Leaks from Ruining Your Day

  • Machine Washable & Lasts for Years

  • Trusted Solution for 100,000 Women

  • Holds 2-3 pads worth!

First Time Customer Offer | Ships in 5-7 Days

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Due to the popularity of our, First Time Customer Leakproof Panty Offer, it may sell out soon. As of TODAY we do have a limited supply IN STOCK and ready to ship within the next 24-48 hours.

Why Choose Design Comfort?

Proven Effectiveness: Our Leakproof Underwear features advanced absorbent layers that guarantee dryness and comfort, even under pressure. Don't just take our word for it—read through countless testimonials from satisfied customers who have put our underwear to the test.

Ultimate Comfort: We understand the importance of a comfortable fit. That’s why our underwear is designed to be soft, stretchable, and incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. Whether you're at work, exercising, or relaxing, our product moves with you without pinching or binding.

Transparent Information: We provide all the details upfront. Each pair of our underwear includes clear information on materials and absorbency levels, so you know exactly what you’re getting. No surprises, just dependable protection.

Trusted Brand: At Design Comfort, we pride ourselves on transparency and trust. We are a well-established brand with a strong track record of satisfied customers. Est 2019 and Over 100,000 Women Protected.

We are the original leakproof panty (don't be fooled by copy cats).

Risk-Free Purchase: Skeptical about online shopping? We offer a no-questions-asked return policy. Try our Leakproof Underwear risk-free and experience the difference yourself. If they don't meet your expectations, we make returns easy and hassle-free.

Looks You’ll Love: Say goodbye to bulky and unflattering styles. Our Leakproof Underwear comes in a variety of sleek, modern designs that look and feel just like regular underwear. Choose from multiple colors and styles that suit your preference and lifestyle.

  • 3 Protective Layers

  • 3 Pads worth of absorbency

  • Pee, Periods, Sweat

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High-Waist LeakProof Panties - DesignComfort
$ 25.00 $ 14.99

(30 Day Risk Free Guarantee)

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Order 6 pairs or more and get each par for only $11.50

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6pc High Waist LeakProof Panties - DesignComfort
$ 120.00 $ 68.99

(30 Day Risk Free Guarantee)

$11.50 Per Pair

Trust By Over 100,000 Since 2019

$ 120.00 $ 68.99

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Leakproof Panties?

Although their appearance is the same as a normal panty, the difference lies in the special fabric they are made of, as this allows the absorption of menstrual flow without being transferred to your clothes. 

In addition, they are antibacterial to avoid odors and keep you dry. The best thing is that they can be washed after each use, so you can reuse them.

How do I wash and dry Leakproof Panties?

Wash them before the first use with cold water (preferably in the washing machine). This helps to improve their absorbency.

After each use: First rinse or soak them in cold water. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. It is very important to wash them in cold water, without softener, without Marseille soaps and without bleach. Never dry clean them. The sun is the healthiest way to dry them!

Will I feel wet if I wear Leakproof Panties?

Not at all – The top layer allows fluids to drain and be absorbed and stored in the next layer. This way the skin is not in contact with the fluid and the inner layer stays soft and dry.

Do I need to use a tampon or pad when I use the Leakproof Panties?

No, Leakproof Panties are designed to completely replace disposable tampons and pads. However, if you have a very heavy leakeage or feel more comfortable, you can use our Reusable Pads with them! Or Try our super absorbent MaxProof Underwear

Do the Leakproof Panties smell bad after use?

Not at all, with our anti oder technologies youll stay feeling dry and smelling clean!

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