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6pc High Waist LeakProof Panties - DesignComfort
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Multi Layer Protection 

Tripple Layer Protection

Our Underwear has three protective layers that help absorb leaks and keep you dry.

30 Day Guarantee 

There no risk to you with our 30 day Guarantee.  You have 30 days after receiving your order if you decide they arent for you.  

over 100,000 women Protected

Since 2019 we have proudly help over 100,000 women stay protected! Look at our 1000's of 5 star reviews.

A third of the price

Being Family owned and operated, we are able to keep our overhead low and pass those saving over to you!

Empower Your Style: High-Waist Bundles for Women 50+ 

Been using these now for couple weeks. Love them, no more worry of having a mishap. Came in so handy on my vaca. Size was perfect having washed them and dried them with no shrinkage, colors are nice just got 3 more. Cheryl w


4 most asked questions:

01.What about Odor?

Our underwear are odor suppressant keeping you fresh!

02. How much do they hold?

Our Og Highwaisted Leakproof underwear hold 10-15 ml.  Great for light to medium leaks!

03. How do you Care For Them?

Hand washing and air drying are the perfect options. You can also machine-wash them, but only on gentle or soft settings because of the sensitive material under the waterproof lining. Please note that putting the panties in the dryer may cause damage to the waterproof lining and cause them to shrink

04. Wheres my Order?

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Why DesignComfort Is right for you

“With a growing community of over 150,000 customers, Design Comfort stands as the premier destination for leakproof solutions. As a family-owned enterprise, we uphold values of reliability and innovation, crafting reusable and washable products tailored to address both period and incontinence needs.

At Design Comfort, we recognize that leaks are a common occurrence. That's why we're committed to delivering affordable, comfortable, and dependable solutions precisely when you need them. Bid farewell to leaks and embrace newfound confidence with Design Comfort.

  • Thin & Machine Washable

    Our Underwear are thin, barely thicker than your normal underwear, but with our triple layer protection, leaks are a things of the past.

  • Fits and Wears Just Like Regular Underwear

    Nothing Changes for you besides constant protection.  They fit and wear like regular underwear!

  • Quality

    Since 2019 we have constantly refined our underwear and have upgraded it many of times and are always improving fit/style/ and function

  • No Lifestyle Change Needed/Single Change

    No need to constantly be buying pads, diapers and other one time use products.  Or worrying about be out and about with no protection. The only thing you have to do is what you already do, wear underwear and save $100's of dollars a year.
  • Absorbent

    Our underwear absorbs as much as 2-3 pads worth of fluid, and we offer a full line of underwear for different levels of absorbency and style.

  • 24/7 & Front to Back Protection

    Our Underwear has front to back protection! 

  • Unsure If Its For You?

    We have not just a few, or 10 reviews.  We have 1000s of 5 star reviews from women just like you, who's lives are more free and are now more confident then ever to keep living life without worry!

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

What are Leakproof Panties?

Although their appearance is the same as a normal panty, the difference lies in the special fabric they are made of, as this allows the absorption of liquid without being transferred to your clothes. 

In addition, they are antibacterial to avoid odors and keep you dry. 

The best thing is that they can be washed after each use, so you can reuse them.

How many Leakproof Panties do I need?

We suggested to get started at least 3 pairs.  Depending on your ind needs our average customers orders 10-15 pairs

Do I need to use a pad or tampon when I use the Leakproof Panties?

No, Leakproof Panties are designed to completely replace disposable tampons and pads. However, if you have a very heavy flow or leaks, feel more comfortable, you can use our Reusable Pads with them!

Does the absorbent area extend far enough in the front & back of the panties?

Yes, the back absorbent area extends to the top of the buttocks (up to the end of Leakproof Panties) and the front covers the entire pubic area.

Do you have other styles?

Yes, we have a full line of styles! Briefs, Bikini, Thong, Boy Shorts, Re-useable Pads, and even a pelvic floor exercise device to help strengthen your pelvic floor!  You can check out our full line here.

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