Why I Immediately Switched to Wearing Leak Proof Underwear, Ending My Worry & Frustration Once and for All

Ladies, tired of incontinence & other health issues?

While incontinence can be linked to other health issues - it’s extremely important to consult with your doctor about your symptoms so they can provide a professional diagnosis.

Are you going through any of these:
  • Wetting the bed…
  • Coughing or sneezing and peeing themselves…
  • Dribbling for no reason…
  • Exercising and leaking…
  • Or having the sudden urge to pee…

Accidents happen and they’re embarrassing, I know this from personal experience… but you’re not alone. It’s a sensitive topic and not enough people are talking about it so I’m gonna bring it up.

Whether you experience accidental incontinence (bladder leaks) or heavy period flows – it’s completely normal and you’re not at all weird for it.

What Are The 4 Types Of Incontinence?

There’s actually 4 different types of incontinence and it's really important to know which one applies to you.

Stress Incontinence

This is when urine leaks because of pressure on your bladder. It occurs in situations like: Exercise, Coughing, Sneezing, Laughing or Lifting Heavy Objects.

Urge Incontinence

This is when you have a sudden URGE to pee and can’t hold it in… and end up having an accident. (Been there done that)

Overflow Incontinence

This happens when small amounts of urine leak from a bladder that’s always full – which is super frustrating.

Functional Incontinence

This one happens in older people who have normal bladder control, but have a problem getting to the toilet because of arthritis or other disabilities that make it hard to move quickly.

Here’s 6 reasons why leak proof panties will change your life.


Leak Proof Panties Reduce Environmental Waste

Just like plastic, disposable items like pads and diapers go straight into landfills and produce an incredible amount of environmental waste. So think twice before you change out your one-time use products and remember where it's going…

Leak Proof Panties are reusable and last for YEARS to come… Can you compare 3 pairs of Leak Proof Panties vs 300 Disposable Adult Diapers or Tampons?

There’s no comparison. Let’s be logical here people!


Leak Proof Panties Are Healthier For You

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but many disposable products contain toxic chemicals and get absorbed into your body...YUCK. That’s not a healthy way to live.

A high-quality Leak Proof Panty absorbs the toxins and liquid straight into the panty WITHOUT affecting your body while avoiding any irritation or discomfort.

What a relief!


Wear ‘Em Without Leaks Longer Than Disposables

Replacing disposables is pain and inconvenient. But it shouldn’t have to be.

Best of all, Leak Proof Panties don’t require constant changing. Just wear one pair as you would regular underwear and let them take care of the rest. And of course, they’re machine washable so you could actually re-use them again and again.

Plus you won’t need any extra “pads” in your purse wherever you go…

It’s one less thing you have to worry about.


Saves You A LOT Of Money Over The Years

A pair of high-quality Leak Proof Underwear can cost anywhere from $20-$50 and can last for 5+ years. Compare that to a Disposable Incontinence Underwear Pack of 6 for $70.

In one year you’d be paying $465… in 5 years you’d pay $2,281. C’mon ladies, we all know your money is better spent on things you ACTUALLY want.


They Are Anti-Bacterial + Anti-Odor

This is a huge advantage for your health and hygiene - when you’re protected not just from leaks… but from bacteria AND yucky odors… then you’ve got a trifecta of awesomeness!

Leak Proof Panties (3-0) vs. Disposable Products (0-1)

Leak Proof Panties win every time. They’re unmatched.


They Make You Look & Feel Sexy!

I think this is one of the MOST important reasons to switch to Leak Proof Panties… because adult diapers will NEVER BE IN STYLE.

And they’re highly impractical and uncomfortable.

Leak Proof panties are extremely versatile in styles, fashion and sizing! They look and feel like normal panties so no one will even know you’re wearing them.

SHHH…It’s my secret weapon against annoying and embarrassing LEAKS!

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