Why DesignComfort Underwear 

Are The Best Leakproof 

Panties For Women

Why DesignComfort Underwear 

Are The Best Leakproof 

Panties For Women

"DesignComfort underwear stands by it's name: Comfortable – They're leakproof underwear for women who leak."

"We verified with dozens of customer and they all raved over these panties. These are the real deal."

"These leakproof panties sell like hotcakes... And, no one ever sends them back. If your bladder leaks, you've gotta grab 10 pairs!"

They're more reliable than pads or tampons


Normal pads and tampons are good for short-term relief... But not long term leak prevention. DesignComfort underwear is your long-term solution for absorbing leaks anytime, any day. They absorb over 3+ tampons' worth of liquid so you can count on them to stop leaks before they cause a scene... And causing a scene is the last thing any of us want!

They're softer, comfier & stretchier than normal panties


Like the name says, these panties are designed for absolute comfort. That means stretchy waistbands that don't hug your waist... Breathable material that keeps you from overheating... And silky-soft cotton that's 100% anti-chafe. They're your go-to, everyday incontinence solution – Discrete, lifetime protection that fits seamlessly under your everyday clothes.

They prevent smells & odors all day long


These reusable leakproof panties prevent smells & odors from lingering into the room. The 3-layer absorption absorbs & neutralizes your leaks. When you get home, all you have to do is throw them in the washer & dryer (just like normal clothes) and you're done... No more single-use pads or inserts that cost you money on a weekly basis.

They're backed by 70,000+ women with incontinence


At the end of the day, we all know the "proof is in the numbers" – And boy does DesignComfort have cult-like numbers. There are over 70,000+ verified women who've thrown out their bulky pads and itchy inserts for these leakproof panties. They're the only affordable leakproof underwear that truly delivers on what they promise.

They come with an bulletproof "Love It or We Pay You" Guarantee


You're able to grab as many panties as you want without risking anything – Every pair comes with a 30-Day risk-free guarantee. That means hassle-free exchanges & no worries whatsoever!

They'll give you control over your life again


We all want control... Control over our bodies & control over our lives. Leaky bladders and incontinence make it nearly impossible to feel like your body is yours. These leakproof underwear give you not only the confidence but the complete control over how you go about your day. No more frantic grocery runs or only leaving the house "if you know there's a bathroom around"... DesignComfort underwear is your one-way ticket to owning your life again.


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Leakproof Underwear

by DesignComfort

DesignComfort underwear are made specifically for women who leak. Made with 3 absorption layers, silky-soft fabric, and anti-odor padding – Your long-term, leakproof solution for any and all leaks.

High-waist fit

For Pee & Periods

Odor resistant


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