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Maxproof Bundle

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Bye Bye Bladder Leaks! See you later Period.

(Order up in your sizing, these are regular fit) 

Introducing our new Maxproof super absorbent underwear! Without losing our slim design we now have added an extra layers for increased protection and absorption to keep you and your clothes dry all day long!

 It happens, we all sneeze, laugh, cough and cant help to leak a little. And we know that time of the month can be a pain, with having to make sure we don't run out of sanitary products or that we might not be able to change them in time and risk a leak.

With our new Maxproof panties, worrying about leaks is in the past!

Stay Dry! Say Bye to Leaks and Stains! Start Living!

More Layers = More Protection!


Sizing Chart

How to use

Machine wash your panties on cold and either tumble dry on low or hang dry.

Do not iron, bleach, or use fabric softener.

30 Day Guarantee

Need to make a return? We've got a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Shipping Times

Due to extremely high-volume shipping times can take 7-14 days for shipments to arrive.