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High-Waist LeakProof Panties - DesignComfort

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Over 170,000+ Women Protected!

The Best Pair Of LeakProof Panties

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"I haven't leaked through my clothes once since I got these leakproof panties. I finally feel like I'm in control of my body again." - Jackie J

Finally, Stops Leaks For Good & Experience Lasting Incontinence Relief

Design Comfort panties provide long-term protection & everyday relief for women who are tired accidental leaks. 

These carefully crafted undies give you the confidence to live your life without the constant fear of leaking in public.
  • Great for light to medium incontinence (4 tsp of liquid)

  • Can beworn for months while staying absorbent

  • Machine washable, hang to dry

  • Feels more comfortable than itchy pads & inserts

Breathable Protection, That Gives You Comfort & Peace of Mind

Our lightweight, high-waisted panties keep you dry all day long. 

Never worry about chaffing around your thighs or walking around in damp underwear.

Each pair is lined with 3 layers of super-absorption padding. You won't even notice when an accident happens!

These are the comfiest leakproof protection for women who have light to moderate leaks. 

Seamless padding that prevents leaks from soaking through your pants. Enjoy breathable panties that feel better than normal underwear.

Try it For 30 Days & Experience a Worry-Free, Leak-Free Life!

We offer a 30-Day free trial on all our panties. We know you'll love them.

Over 170,000+ women across the country wear our panties every single day. Why?

For 1 reason: Design Comfort panties are the best all-around leakproof panties for women who leak.

We Genuinely Care About Your Protection & Well Being!

As a family-owned company established in 2019, we pride ourselves on reliability and innovation, offering reusable and washable products designed for both period and incontinence needs.

At DesignComfort, we understand that leaks happen to everyone at some point. That's why we're dedicated to providing affordable, comfortable, and reliable solutions when you need them most. 

Say goodbye to leaks and hello to confidence with DesignComfort :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Leakproof Panties?

Although their appearance is the same as a normal panty, the difference lies in the special fabric they are made of, as this allows the absorption of menstrual flow without being transferred to your clothes. 

In addition, they are antibacterial to avoid odors and keep you dry. 

The best thing is that they can be washed after each use, so you can reuse them.

How do I wash and dry Leakproof Panties?

Wash them before the first use with cold water (preferably in the washing machine). This helps to improve their absorbency.

After each use: First rinse or soak them in cold water. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. It is very important to wash them in cold water, without softener, without Marseille soaps and without bleach. Never dry clean them. The sun is the healthiest way to dry them!

How to wash the panties?

Hand washing and air drying are the perfect options. You can also machine-wash them, but only on gentle or soft settings because of the sensitive material under the waterproof lining. Please note that putting the panties in the dryer may cause damage to the waterproof lining and cause them to shrink.

What size do I need?

Follow the size guide provided on each of the product pages.

How absorbent are the Leakproof Panties?

They absorb up to 3 times worth of disposable pads or 10 - 15 mL.

How long can I wear Leakproof Panties?

It depends on each style and your menstrual cycle or flow or incontinence. Only you can find out exactly how long they will last for your specific case. But they can last up to 8 hours.

Do the Leakproof Panties smell bad after use?

Not at all, unlike disposable pads, Leakproof Panties are free of chemicals, so you will not notice the odor that is produced by mixing blood with the chemicals in disposable pads.

How many Leakproof Panties do I need?

It will depend on your use and your cycle, but as a guideline we recommend you have at least 3 or 4 to change during your cycle. To have a full Leakproof Panty cycle, we suggest around 10-14 Leakproof Panties.

How long do Leakproof Panties last?

Leakproof Panties have the same lifespan as regular panties. Their average lifespan is 3 to 5 years, depending on use and care. There are customers who wear them all the time, whether for urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge or just for menstruation. Therefore, depending on the use, like any other garment, will depend on its useful life.

Will I feel wet if I wear Leakproof Panties?

Not at all, the top layer of thin cotton allows blood/urine to drain and be absorbed and stored in the next layer. This way the vulva is not in contact with the blood and the cotton layer stays soft and dry.

Do I need to use a tampon or pad when I use the Leakproof Panties?

No, Leakproof Panties are designed to completely replace disposable tampons and pads. However, if you have a very heavy flow or feel more comfortable, you can use our Reusable Pads with them!

Can Leakproof Panties be used in the sea?

Normally Leakproof Panties are not designed to be used in the water. However, several customers have reported using them in the sea or lake without any problem. We advise against using them in the swimming pool.

Can Leakproof Panties be used for sports?

Yes, many customers have tried them and have received positive comments about it. We recommend trying them first and, once you feel comfortable, try your favorite sporting activity with them.

Can they be used for urinary incontinence?

Yes, they can be used for urinary incontinence.

Can they be used postpartum?

Exactly, Leakproof Panties can be used for menstruation, light to moderate urinary incontinence and postpartum.

Does the absorbent area extend far enough in the front & back of the panties?

Yes, the back absorbent area extends to the top of the buttocks (up to the end of Leakproof Panties) and the front covers the entire pubic area.

Who's wearing our panties?

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Here are a few fun facts about the kinds of ladies who love Design Comfort panties

  •  Houston, Texas is our most popular city in the USA  

  • The most 5-star reviews have come from Chicago, Illinois

  • Nevada is the fastest growing state of "Comfy Club" members

How To Measure


Measure around the fullest part of your hips, inserting your forefinger between the tape and your hip to allow ease in fit.

Tip: For the most accurate results, measure yourself in your undergarments.

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